Cool Soul App: Exponential recollection of fragments due to increased song.

I had the pleasure of spending some time in a sauna the other day, and as usual I got some insights.

Speaking of sauna, I just learned that regular sessions of sauna increases the amount of white blood cells and thus strengthens the immune system. Cool! It seems to be due to the heat (surprise) as the body interprets it as a fever and alerts the defensive forces.

Anyway, one of my major insight this time is related to a post I wrote, about songs, and particularly our own song. Your own unique song. Your own unique vibration.

A short recap of the episode/post mentioned above:

man-on-earth-spaceTo me, it’s all about songs. Everything has its own song. This isn’t something strange really, as song is a sound is a vibration. I think its pretty much common knowledge nowadays that everything vibrates to some extent. Atoms don’t really stand still, but move really fast. Hence, they have a vibration, a sound and … a song. Cool.

Few, if any, of us can hear the songs of atoms with our ears. Thank God, one might add, as the alternative most probably would be instant madness. Not good. The really cool thing is when the songs of atoms are combined into molecules, and you get duos, trios and a whole bunch of other constellations. Orchestras even! Symphonies of songs combined into complex things as… flowers, water, pine needles, sand, the smell of flowers.

Hence, you have a unique song as well, and this might very well be connected to your DNA, which I feel is much more complex than just the blueprint of our bodies. (This is my interpretation of what I heard about DNA anyway.) I wont go into this too much here, but I feel we have more strands than just two, and we just need to remember how to reactivate the remaining bunch to really start expanding our songs. Well, actually we don’t have to do anything, as this process is going on right now whether we know it or not.

magic-memoriesOk, so, whenever your song increases or is purified, you will attract more of what resonates with that particular song. It’s really quite amazing! You start to attract not only persons or situations that resonates with yourself, but actual fragments of your essence! And this process is not limited in time or space! You will attract fragments from anywhere and anywhen! Intergalactic time-travel soul retrieval maybe?

Weird? Maybe. Cool? Most probably. Awesome? Definitely!

The image I got to explain this built-in “app” was the following: I saw my own body’s song increase in clarity and strength, and from every direction small glimmering fragments came flying towards me, reuniting with me in some way. I got the distinct feeling that they had been waiting for my song to reach them, so they could find me! They had been waiting for this “beacon” of mine to start transmitting so they could lock onto it. Scary-cool stuff! OK, for every little fragment that melted into me, my song increased, and attracted even more fragments until I was a glowing expanding ball of… Of me I suppose, of Life.

The effect was exponential, as more fragments clarified my song which made me attract even more fragments.

The thing is, that in these times your song is increasing even without you knowing it, and the effect is, among other cool stuff, that you will not be able to eat food that does not resonate with you. You may also experience discomfort in other areas of your life, as things will start to feel “too tight”. Just like a womb in labour…

Then, when you stop eating this particular food, or leave the constricting situation, your song increases even more, which leads to… Well, you get the picture! You are singing yourself into a glowing mass of life!

So, what to do not to disturb the symphony? As usual, relax and know that everything is as it should. Dare to choose life basically. Dare to remember your Awesomeness! It’s needed in these times. :-)

May Your Song Sound Clear and Strong!
(That sounded better in my mind, slightly pompous in writing.)

Now what?

Goal reached. Now what?

goalYesterday I finally published my first book in English, a long-awaited goal. Today I’m filled with some sort of, well, not depression but lack of zest or something.

I usually get like this just after having completed a goal, or bought that special piece of desired hardware I needed for my creative work, or took that time off in solitude. The feeling of anticipation is usually greater than the actual fulfilment it seems, but how come? Is this normal? How do the mountaineer feel when he or she has climbed the peak? How does the runner feel when winning?

I got the advice from friends to just relax now, and celebrate. But I think I’m simply waiting for the pay-off or something. Just reaching the goal is the first step, like planting a seed. Absolutely necessary for harvest, but after planting one has to wait.

So, I suppose now is the time to let my dear book live its own life for a while, out in the big world, and my mission is to do my best to make it known to as many people as possible.

I’m making use of my brains amazing problem solving capacity, and the “problem” (goal/vision) I have presented to it is to sell 100 000 copies before the end of 2014. I’m aware that this is a huge amount of copies sold, but I’m also aware that it takes so little for sales to take off! It takes only one person who has the power to influence other people (fans) to buy my book, and boom! Let’s take an extreme example: Let’s say Oprah Winfrey on TV said something like:

“This book truly changed my life and how I look upon the world and myself. I recommend everybody to read it. The world needs this book!”

This probably wont happen (I think I’d have to pay huge amounts of money to even be visible on the Oprah-radar) but imagine the resulting sales! So, it takes so little, but to activate even the slightest little, one has to have a goal. Which I have.

My present ultimate goal regarding sales is 10 000 000 copies around the world of all of my books. Cocky? Probably. Far out? Probably. Insane? Probably. Possible? Definitely!

Hm, I think my after-publish-blues is lifting! New goals is an excellent remedy it seems!

Ok, after some celebration I will set off again. Life never stops. The Flow must go on!


I published my book!!! :-) Help requested!

framsida bok 1 engelska e-bokI don’t really understand what just happened! I Published my book!

I’ve been procrastinating for some days, knowing that the book was ready for publishing, but being so close to a goal I have been working hard to achieve for a long time, I think I wanted to prolong the “release” so to say.

Well, today I found myself filled with some sort of trance or “manic frenzy”, and I more or less watched myself do what I had to do to get it out there. I uploaded it to Smashwords – my publishing platform/book store – and now I sit in some sort of vacuum. Still feeling a bit intoxicated and dizzy. Might be partly due to the fact that it’s 3.30 PM and I have yet to eat lunch, but not completely.

In my trance state I even made use of Smashword’s pre-order function, so the actual date it’s available for full download is on the magical day of Midsummer’s Eve, June 21. However, you may still order it now! I humbly ask for your help in pre-ordering it and telling as many of your friends as you can! (It’s dirty cheap, USD 2.99.) The nifty thing about pre-ordering is that all orders during the pre-order stage will be shown as sales on the first release day. An awesome way to get high rankings in sales lists. My not so humble goal is of-course to sell millions of copies and on top of the New York Times best seller list. Aiming for the stars…

Right now pre-ordering is only available at Smashwords but it will soon be available in all the bigger book stores such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Oyster and Kobo.

I really need and ask for help in promoting my book internationally! Anyone friends with Oprah by any chance? ;-)

A new adventure has begun!

PS: The image below has nothing to do with this post. I just felt a sudden urge to include it.


What’s your Why?

Do you ever stop to ask yourself why? Do you dare? Do you even consider the fact that you might not know your own why or that you may be using someone else’s why?

WhyThe question “Why?” is probably the question I use the most. Well, actually we can delete “probably” as it’s THE most used question. It wasn’t always like this though, as I kind of lost it after my childhood years. As a kid I used “Why?” several hundred times a day, or so I can imagine.

Why is grass green? Why can’t I play with the food? Why is water wet? Why do I need maths? Why do people die? Why can’t I fly? Why do fish live in water? Why do I have five fingers?

Well, you get the picture. ;-) All kids (I hope) go through this period of questioning things. What happens after a while I’m not sure, but how often do you hear a grown up use as many why as a kid? And, I do NOT see the lack of why as development or maturity. Almost on the contrary actually, as critical thought and curiosity is what truly develops and makes a person wise.

The “why” I’m getting at here is, however, your personal why. This is the why I throw at the people I coach, and a more powerful and clarifying question is hard to find.ButWhy

I want a job! –> Why?
I want money! –> Why?
I wanna buy stuff! –> Why?

Well, you get the picture. :-) So, what is your why? Why do you do what you do? Why do you neglect to do some things? Why do you have the work you have? Why don’t you have the work you want? Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you have the beliefs that you do? Why do you feel the way you do?

To provide some sort of example, I might say that my Primary-Why is “Better the World”. Then I have several other whys as well, but when it comes to my company, my “vision statement”, it’s about making the world a better place by reminding you, and a whole lot of other people, about our innate awesomeness.

Feels good that why of mine I must say. :-)

Soooo… What’s your Primary-Why? Or, let’s put it like this: What would you like your Primary-Why to be?!


Obstacles might just be the fulfilment of your desires.

cheng-essence-lifeRecently I’ve had two planned events relating to my company, “losing the power of Life” or what one might call it, which ultimately lead to me cancelling them. It’s like I’m being redirected to another time-stream! (Sounds slightly pompous, but that’s what it feels like.)

Had this been few years ago, I most probably would’ve cursed my bad luck and wondered why things doesn’t go my way. Nowadays, however, I have learnt to trust these turns in the Flow and (more or less) always see them as ultimately being to my advantage, even if I can’t see it at the time.

The thing is, that the events in question were planned quite some time ago, and since then my life has changed in several ways. I’ve been rearranging my priorities, using new affirmations to create the life I want and reach my present goals, and I feel this has indeed changed the course of my life, making some earlier choices simply obsolete. Cool? Yes. Cool.

Metaphoric Example: Let’s say that a year ago I really wanted to cross a river, so I ordered a boat. Since then, I met a girl who lives in another part of the country. After a few months I get a message from the boat dealer saying that my boat has been damaged in transport and he ask me if I want to cancel the deal or wait for another boat. Since I have no use for the boat now whatsoever, I cancel the deal. I now could curse my bad luck, or be happy about the fact that the boat belonged to another reality and the fact that it was damaged was simply a result of me changing the course of my life. (I wont go into the ecological impacts of having a boat destroyed just because it didn’t fit my present time-line, as this is just an example. Ok?)

Regarding my cancelled events, I started wondering what was happening already when I was planning for them, as I didn’t have the usual energy and flow. I actually had to struggle to ready and pack my gear. Then, since I didn’t heed this change in energy my body decided to make me understand by giving me a cold with fever. Physically stopping me from proceeding. I was trying to redirect the Flow back to a stream it had already left, which sucks energy like a black hole.

Some might say that this is a coincidence, and my getting cold had nothing to do with me trying to redirect the flow to another “time-line”, but in my world these things tend to happen to me when I don’t listen to the small whispers I always get.

So, to conclude: What could be perceived as obstacles and “bad luck”, might very well be part of the creation of the life you have been aiming for. You’re just in a new time-line, and the actions you planned earlier simply does not resonate, or fit, in this one.

Surrender to Flow… :-)

Omens and a Storm of Truth!

When you’re having the sex of your life, do you stop now and then to blog about the experience?

blog1Probably not, and that’s what’s been happening to me for many weeks. Not actual sex (would probably be slightly exhausting to have constant sex for weeks) but floods of experiences. Lots of stuff is happening to me right now. I’m stunned, forced to just experience and the thought of describing or even reflect upon it is hard.

I’m finding myself in a wave of constant change, that seems to be increasing by the day. Never before in my life have I been flooded with the amount of omens, signs and “feelings of something” that now hit me from every direction.

For many years I have been accepting signs as a means for me to receive guidance or hints from, well, from some other level of understanding. If this “level” is a part of myself or some cool dudes from another dimensional plane, I don’t know but I have chosen the reality in which I get messages from a bunch of friends I have in other places. Simply because it’s more fun.

The most used mode of communication we – me and my inter-dimensional friends – are using right now is the repetition of numbers. Three numbers in a row, is a sure tell sign that something is about to happen. Or, I just happen to look at the clock when it’s 22:22, or 13:13, or the like. What made me look at that particular time? Sometimes I manage to do it several times in a row as well. I look 13:13, 14:14 and so on. Cool? Yes!

This is something I recommend to anyone interested in communicating with inter-dimensional guides. Simply choose a method of communication. They’ll love it, as they now have a direct line to you. Why don’t you choose a personal sign just now? Say something in the lines of:

“For my higher good and the betterment of all, I would really like to get in touch with my inter-dimensional guides to receive guidance. Please let me see a (…fill in whatever you want…) to let me know that we have established contact.”

dinosaurIf this “whatever you want” is “the sun” or “the ground” or “my own hand” it might not qualify for being a sign. However, “a dinosaur”, “a feather”, “a heart”, “a white rock” or whatever that is slightly out of the ordinary works.

Believe me, I’ve been having discussions with myself about sings and the meaning of them.

  • On the one hand, one might argue that everything is relevant and that there’s importance to every little thing. The handle of my mug points towards a certain direction. The leaf on the ground I just happen to see have a pattern that resembles something. Oh, that piece of paper landed on a twig. “It’s a sign!” (This method gives me anxiety.)
  • On the other hand, one might find arguments for the notion that nothing is relevant, and that it’s all random. (This method also gives me anxiety.)

Right now I adhere to a little of both. The thought that it’s purely random that I the same day happen to see several cars with repeating numbers on their registration plates – 222, 444, 888 – seems too far-fetched to be acceptable, but to see signs in every registration plate is a bit too much. “Look! That car had 258, that must mean that I will go through a period of… oh, there’s another one with 734, that must mean that the future has changed and that.. oh, another one…”

When choosing realities I do my best to go for the one that’s more fun and helps me in my development as a human. Whatever “human” is by the way. What is it to be a human being? Another question for another blog!

Anyway, lately the specific number “555″ has been spotted on registration plates on cars, clocks, the sum on receipts, the number on some wooden shelf I bought. It’s everywhere! Cool.

555The occurrence of the number 555 is, according to the web, a sign that a great change is coming my way, or that I need to make a life altering choice. It also seems to show up as a sign that it’s harvest time. A time to reap the rewards for previous work.

To add to this massive amount of “555-change” – in case I missed it – I got another message from my eight year old daughter. The other day, I was cooking supper and she came up to me saying some really wise words about dreams, realities, truth and change. I was amazed, and she even got emotional herself from the mere experience. She could not stop pouring out really cool stuff!

Anyway, one thing that she said really stunned me and stuck in my mind, and I take it as just another sign of what’s coming. She said “En Storm av Sanning” which is Swedish for “A Storm of Truth”. How cool is that?!

I suddenly got the insight that there is indeed a storm coming, and it’s a storm of truth. A storm of truth that will blow away all lies and deception currently placed upon so many minds here on Earth. It is a storm of freedom, a storm of life.

The spring of 2014 will bring with it a level of life and change that has not been seen for many life times.

A Storm is Coming. Lies, masks and Illusions, blown Away, like a feather from a rock.

Be aware friends… If you hold on to your lies, masks and illusions, you may be blown away as well… Let the Storm of Truth awaken you, purify you, polish you. Clean you from all that is withholding your Song.

With an open Heart, I wish you all the best.

PS: What’s sign did you choose to see?

What’s your Body-Song?

Do you sing with your food?

To me, it’s all about songs. Everything has its own song. This isn’t something strange really, as song is a sound is a vibration. I think its pretty much common knowledge nowadays that everything vibrates to some extent. Atoms don’t really stand still, but move really fast. Hence, they have a vibration, a sound and … a song. Cool.

atomFew, if any, of us can hear the song of atoms with our ears. Thank God, one might add, as the alternative most probably would be instant madness. Not good. The really cool thing is when the songs of atoms are combined into molecules, and you get duos, trios and a whole bunch of other constellations. Orchestras even! Symphonies of songs combined into complex things as… flowers, water, pine needles, sand, the smell of flowers.

Makes me wonder if feelings or emotions or thoughts have a song, but then I realize that they only come into play – or existence – when expressing themselves through the song of matter. Feelings or emotions are the resulting song from … well … something beyond matter. Something beyond song. Something before the first song? I’m pretty sure that a thought in my mind changes the song of my brain and even my body.

DirigentInsight: My thoughts are the conductor of the orchestra that is made up of the molecules in my body! The conductor does not make any sounds him-/herself, but acts and expresses through the songs of others!

This insight calls for a wow. Or two.

Wow. Wow.

Ok, time to get down to my purpose of this specific entry. Lately my body has been acting weirder and weirder when it comes to food. It’s not only that I get allergic reactions to more and more food, but it changes by the day! Slightly annoying to eat something without problems one day, and the next day get a reaction to the same food.

When applying my song theory to this food-challenge, I start to think in the lines of harmony and dissonance. It’s simple: if I eat food that does not harmonize with my body-song, dissonance is created and I feel bad. I have been aware of this for some time, but the difference now is that the whole process is accelerated and emphasized. I get the feeling that my body suddenly cranked up and started raising its vibration much, much quicker than before and my eating habits have yet to catch up!

In this case I get the feeling that my body-song is changing into something else. So, when I eat food that belongs to a previous vibration I don’t get the nourishment I need. On the contrary, the food actually hurts me and makes me feel sick and exhausted. Like two opposing waveforms, my own song gets cancelled out to some extent. Result? Feelings of anxiety, sadness, tiredness, irritability, stiffness, colds, and even lack of zest for life.

It’s like the engine of your would get changed without you knowing about it. An old diesel engine is replaced by a futuristic masterpiece that runs on pure water. Well, if you keep pouring diesel into this engine, it won’t run well and you will end up destroying it. The only thing that tells you about the inaccurate use of fuel is the way the car (your body) reacts and behaves.

I am eating based upon the memory of an old song, one might say.

body-songMy body-song has changed and I have yet to determine what fuel it needs, and the only thing I have to gauge my success is my body’s reactions. Cravings usually tell me something about what I should eat, but the amazing thing – which in this case presents a challenge – is that our bodies have a memory. If it needs a specific nutrient, it remembers where it used to get it. If it used to get iron from black pudding, I will crave black pudding when my body needs iron. The thing is that the song of black pudding nowadays totally wrecks my own song.

So, what to do? My plan now is to use my yearly fast to reset my body, and allow its song to stabilize without disturbances. Fast for a week, and then drink only green smoothies for another week. This should give me an indication of what my fuel my body needs at this time.

I have an idea that my fuel now should be more vegetable based, and even raw-food. This is hard to accept as parts of me loves spicy sausages of all kinds, and want to eat big slabs of red meat. Yummy… I even experience feeling of sorrow, or loss, when thinking about that I will no longer be able to devour a bloody steak.

Fresh_Red_Raw_MeatRealization! (drum-roll): I’m actually experiencing withdrawal! I’m a meat junkie! Shit… Ok, I can’t go into rehab to de-tox/de-meat, I suppose, so the only thing is not to give into this meat craving. That would make void the work I have done so far. Another realisation (slightly smaller drum-roll): I think I’m compensating meat with eggs! I have been devouring eggs like a madman! Sometimes up to 8 eggs a day! I love eggs. Ecological eggs, from happy hens living outdoors, not in cages.

Ok, to come to some sort of conclusion I must say I wont come to any conclusion until after my body-song-purifying fast.

How do you feel? Do you react the same way to food you used to eat? Does what you eat support your song or kill it? What does your body-song harmonize with?


Is it possible to fear life?

insane (adj.) 1550s, from Latin insanus “mad, insane; outrageous, excessive, extravagant,” from in- “not” (see in- (1)) + sanus “well, healthy, sane”

Parking_brake_indicationMany days I feel that my entire life is put on back burner. I have the distinct feeling that I am not even close to living up to my potential, like I’m driving with the parking brake on.

A force inside me is calling for my attention, and for some reason I fear letting it out.

I have a fear, you see, that this part of me is totally without inhibitions, masks or role play of any kind. He is pure in a way, 100 % himself at any time, free of limiting “truths” about reality and how one is supposed to behave. He sees with eyes unfettered by the chains of memory. He lives life to the fullest, as he knows that this is the only way to truly live. He sees experiences and the flow of emotions like the Ambrosia of the Gods, and drinks it like he is drinking life itself. Maybe he is.

When writing that, I wonder what I fear… It sounds like a pretty cool way to live! So, what do I fear? What do I really fear? Can I actually fear life itself? Is that even possible? To “fear for my life” suddenly got a totally new meaning!

Do you fear to live? Do you dare to live your life to its fullest?

path_of_neoMany days I feel like Neo in The Matrix. I know there’s something wrong with the world, but I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe “wrong” is not the right word by the way, it’s more like I know there’s more to this reality that meets my eye. All I see is just some sort of mirage, an illusion, and behind it all is another world, another reality. I do have the occasional urge to just level everything I see as it’s blocking my view of the inner truth of the creation itself. I have had the opportunity to pull the veil aside on occasion, but even then I feel I’m only looking at, and experiencing, a shadow of a fading memory.

When it comes to “illusion” I’ve had the insight however, that there are no illusions, as everything is true. The problem is, when I let one truth, one reality, one way of seeing the world, take precedence and nullify all other truths. When I let one truth become my reality, one might say I’m trapped in an illusion. But not because it is not true.

This force growing inside me feels insane actually, but in a way that does not have even a hint of sickness to it. A paradox, as insane literally means not sane, not healthy. Reading the etymology on insane above, I find myself drawn to the word “extravagant” for some reason and did another search on that one.

extravagant (adj.)late 14c., from Medieval Latin extravagantem, originally a word in Canon Law for uncodified papal decrees, present participle of extravagari “wander outside or beyond,” from Latin extra “outside of” (see extra-) +vagari “wander, roam” (see vague).

the_protostar__extravagant_adventures_of_mack_ford_by_nathanspotts-d5o2kv7I feel like I just put a big spoon of my favourite ice-cream in my mouth, as “wander outside or beyond” sounds awesome. Kind of sums up what my escalating inner part wants to do I think. Go beyond. But, I fear that should I let him loose, so to say, he might very well run around  naked playing the trumpet just because he feels like it. Or, maybe the fear of naked trumpeting is just one of the reasons I use to keep him locked inside, as he might very well be a very well-behaved gentleman. An insane, Ambrosia drinking gentleman, but anyway.

I know it’s just a matter of time however. It comes down to timing, of some sort of moment in time arriving for him to just step out and do his thing, and I know that the only thing keeping him locked away now is a layer of fear and masks I have erected. A layer that is weakened by the day.

However… maybe my greatest fear is not letting this Ambrosia drinking lunatic out, but that he does not exist! Maybe what I fear most, is that when I let go of all of these layers of fears, masks and roles, I find… nothing!

I Wonder… :-)


Do your goal doggy style!

Doggy style rocks!

Cute-Funny-Dog-2012-05Especially when it comes to reaching your goals. The act of doing it from behind is the key here.

Clarification? During my work with clients of different ages, gender and walks of life I have discovered that few actually have defined goals, or even dreams. Sad to say, but it’s true. Many of us (except the people who really succeed) seem to live by default, by some sort of “whatever-attitude” that is best likened to the desires of a leaf in a tornado. No direction. (I will not go into the philosophical  discussions on the existence of a will or not of leaves.)

This modus operandi of “whatever” might actually work to some extent, as I myself used that technique for a large portion of my life. I just took whatever path presented itself without any major vision or goal of what I wanted to achieve with my actions. As that didn’t really make use of the tremendous powers we all have to shape our lives, I now have another tactic. My grand vision now is no less than making the world a better place for my daughter to grow up in. I have a plan as well… :-)

What’s this “doggy style” approach to goals then?

Well, if one of my clients to the question “What’s your goal?” answers “I wanna be an astronaut!” I do not question the goal, but simply say “Excellent, what’s your first step?” (Another very good question is: “Why do you wanna be an astronaut?” to ascertain the motive behind the desire. Awesome technique to really dig into stuff and make things happen.)

j0439558Anyway, here’s where the “doing your goal from behind” comes in. When you want to reach a goal, you need to start with the goal and go backwards. Defining necessary step by necessary step, until you reach the starting point of what to do today. Right now.

For practical – and necessary – reasons you need to break your goal down into smaller steps, and the result should be a conclusion on what you can do today! What step can you take right now to take you one step closer to your goal? Going doggy style is, hence, both awesome and necessary. In many ways.

So… If you can’t break down your goal into steps, the first step being doable today, your goal is probably no more than a dream, and will likely not be fulfilled.

“I wanna win the lottery!”

Ok, what’s your first step? Can you list a number of steps that will make you win the lottery? Probably not = Dream = Don’t waste your precious life on it. Go hunt something you can actually influence instead.

What’s your goal?
What step can you take directly after reading this to fulfil that goal?
Why don’t you just take it and be on your way?